Heracleides/Kuttekop splut dirrrzk:

tart acerbic prang – on that ol’ harrrd prowwwl … a real goer a’ wun.

– Heracleides gibber mottled & mashed trash trawling of scuzzy whittled paroxysms & puking fits/fizzing puke.

– The Kuttekop nurdles seven shots of pulverised freak-accident codswallop & artisan error – mismanaged & maladministrated by badly-burned circus defectors & outlaw archeologist astropaths.

Apparently it’s a CDR? You could of fooled moi! Lovely high-quality full-colour sleeve & professional on-body …. Like a dirt-nap in a dumpster during doomsday dashaburi .. the clam-lappers lawsuit/lyre.
Unavailable from anywhere .. obviously.